Lock Charge Control

Connection between scooter and station is made trough our charging sleeve.

The collar is adjusted to the column diameter and connected to the battery for the charging.

Knot sleeve, lock your scooter on a Knot station


Scooters are charged directly on a station. No more daily scooter hunting = less operational expenses.

Knot Station for Ninebot Max


Users park scooters on a station to stop their ride. KNOT locking mechanism resists up to four tons direct effort and prevents vandalism attacks.

ES2 locked and identified on a Knot station


Scooter ID is registered in the dashboard which allows you to master your network status. Station communicates information with the scooter and the server in real time.

Sleeve mounting takes from 10 to 30 minutes per scooter depending on the model. You can order ‘sleeves’ only or ’scooter + sleeve’ mounted already.