Charging station for bike, cargo and scooter

Since 2016 we design, produce and install docking stations for bike and scooter services. Our mission is to provide sustainable and accessible sharing and charging infrastructure for micromobility services. You don’t have to choose between free-floating and docking based - combine advantages of both.

Docking is the new black

We promote docks for many fantastic reasons and believes it is the best way to share light mobility services.

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Station as a service

KNOT station works with most standard e-scooter & e-bike designed for sharing business. 15 minutes to integrate the sleeve to make your scooter chargeable. We provide API access to our backend for seamless integration.

Knot Sleeve for e-scooter ES2

Modular and customizable

High quality and industrial process means standardization of the product to make it accessible for all. However we left a room for the creativity: you can assemble modules to change station size, pick up colors, add an advertising screen, or battery pack..

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API integration

Station soft is plugged to the backend through an API, end users access directly through the operators’ apps. Check out if your soft provider is already KNOTpatible and if not, just send them the API link


Station UX

One step experience - click on a station and pick up the slot to release the beast (or use NFC / RFID card). To end the process, just park the scooter back, your phone is not needed anymore. You can use KNOT application or add station features on your app through backend gateways.

Knot scooter sharing application for iOS and Android


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