Handbook: How to launch your scooter and bike sharing operations

Published on April 30, 2021 by Polina Mikhaylova



We are happy to launch a series of articles from our friends around the world. Meet ATOM mobility, all-n-one software solution for shared mobility! You can find out more about ATOM here. We are sharing today their amazing handbook for everyone launching a new scooter sharing business from scratch. How many scooters you should buy? How to set up operations? What is the business potential?…

Summer season in Europe is approaching - it is exactly the best time for most companies and entrepreneurs to enter the shared micromobility market. We have put together a useful handbook for everyone who still plans to start operations before Summer 2021. Yes, you still have time and using our guidelines you can be ready to launch in 1-3 months even if at the moment you have just the idea. 

What you’ll discover inside this handbook:

  • Business model. Different vehicle sharing business models and how to calculate the total costs and revenues;
  • Financing. If you start a new venture, you can learn how other entrepreneurs get funded;
  • Operations. What else you need to think about in terms of daily operations.

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