Universal docking stations for all your fleets

Identify, lock and charge your shared bikes, cargo bikes and scooters on KNOT universal docking stations


  • Better acceptance from the city authorities: no street mess, all vehicles are securily parked
  • No battery swap: reduce your operational expenses
  • Increase the network availability : your vehicles charged all day long
  • Make it more sustainable: less batteries, less broken or stolen vehicles, less CO2 emissions as you don't have to swap
OKAI ES400 on a KNOT Station v6


Bullitt cargo bike
  • Versatile solution, compatible with bikes, cargo bikes and scooters
  • Intelligent charger adapting to the vehicle battery tension
  • Already integrated with various vehicles from Segway, OKAI, Navee, E-connect, Arcade..
  • New integrations upon request
  • Retrofit of already deployed fleets


  • Integrate KNOT API to your sharing app for direct control over our stations
  • Already integrated with numerous partners, like Joyride, ATOM, Scoot API…
  • White label KNOT app for 100% integrated solution
KNOT app