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  • Create an account by filling out the information and using your email address or connect via your Google or Facebook account.

    If you use your email address to create an account, you will receive an email confirmation link to verify your email.

    1. Verify your email address
    2. Check your spam folder
    3. Try again
    4. Contact KNOT support
  • Go to Menu - Account - My profile and find the big red button. That’s it!

    We will miss you!!!

  • It depends on your location and the scooter you want to use. If you have already created your account, please go to Menu - Wallet - Pricing.

    We have a “pay as you go” policy and “passes” for longer rides.

  • Please go to Menu - Wallet - Refill. In this section, you can fill out your wallet with KNOT credits. Once finished, you can unlock your scooter and ride (or buy a pass if you opt for a longer rental)!

    If your wallet is empty and you are still riding, it will be refilled automatically with the lowest amount possible.

    Why we use credits and not unique payments? Because the banking commission for micro-payments is very high and we would have to charge you more :(

  • You can access your KNOT invoices directly in the app!

    Go to Menu - History - Transactions and choose the ride you would like to have a receipt for.

    You can download the invoice directly or get a copy by mail.

  • We’re sorry to see you leave and definitely going to miss you!

    Unfortunately, KNOT credits are not refundable once the withdrawal period has passed. However, they have no expiration. We therefore invite you to take advantage of the service one last time in order to use your remaining credits!

    If your purchase is less than 14 days old, contact KNOT support via the app or via support@knot.city and we'll refund you.

    Note: credits obtained using a discount code or bonus are non-refundable.

  • We're sorry you didn’t have the best experience – happy to fix it and help you out.

    Just contact KNOT support via the app or through support@knot.city and we will deal with it. Tell us what happened, the more details you provide, the easier it'll be for us to help you.

  • Because the world is not a perfect place.

    We retain the scooter value through a security deposit until the scooter is safe and sound locked on a valid parking spot. This amount is not withdrawn from your account, we just reserve the possibility to withdraw it in case of non-return.

    Once we have the confirmation for a return the deposit is released and returned to your bank account within a maximum of 7 days.

    If you decide to keep the scooter, the security deposit will be withdrawn from your account.

  • We retain the scooter value in security deposit until the scooter is safe and sound and locked on a valid parking location.

    Once we have the confirmation for a return the deposit is released and returned to your bank account within a maximum of 7 days.

    If you decide to not return a scooter, the security deposit will be withdrawn from your account.

  • Looks like you’re looking for something to read :) Here is a link to our User Agreement

    Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Your privacy is important for us. We handle your data in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and do not share your data with any third parties.

    You can download all the data we collected to create your account in Menu - Account – Profile

  • If you are riding a KNOT scooter in FRANCE, your liability is protected by Allianz.

    This means if you cause an accident or injure someone with your scooter, the damage might be covered (of course, if you respected all safety rules).

    BELGIUM: your regular liability insurance protects you already

    SPAIN: please refer to the network provider

  • When you rent a scooter you certify you’re familiar with the vehicle, competent and fit to ride the scooter. You also certify you reviewed all the safety materials provided by KNOT.

    When riding a scooter, you assume all responsibilities and risks for any injuries or medical conditions that occurred to yourself or a third party. You are responsible for determining whether conditions and adjust your riding if necessary.

  • We use scooters designed for sharing, safe and stable, with the big wheels, wide deck and reinforced breaking system.

    The maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h (or lower depending on your city).

    Please read all safety rules to be sure you’re safe! Stay clear of the sidewalks.

    Scooters are quite heavy (because we want them to be robust and stable), please keep that in mind for your safety.

    Also, our scooters has a weight limit of 100 kg.

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to ride a scooter in all our locations, and in some countries you might need a valid driver’s license.

    If there is such a requirement in your country, we’ll let you know and may request a copy of your license through mail or application before you start a ride.

  • In most countries you're not legally required to wear a helmet - please check for your local regulations, but for your own security, we strongly recommend you to do so!

    Here is a list of countries where we operate and where the use of a helmet is mandatory:


  • Unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code and tap unlock to start your ride.

    Before riding, do a quick safety check before: LIGHTS, BRAKES and TIRES.

    To start the ride, place one foot on the board, put your hands on the handlebars and push off with your foot a few times to start rolling (some scooters are quite heavy, be sure to give them a good push!).

    Put both feet on the board and push the throttle with your right thumb to accelerate.

    Enjoy your ride!

  • To start the ride, place one foot on the board, put your hands on the handlebars and push off with your foot a few times to start rolling.

    Put both feet on the board and push the throttle with your right thumb to accelerate. Don’t ride too quickly the first time, go smoothly! Do not make sudden moves and always keep an eye on traffic.

    Never ride on sidewalks.

    To brake, use one of the brake levers. Don't use your feet to break! Avoid hard braking or accelerating, especially when riding on a slippery surface or under the rain.

    Enjoy your ride!

  • Unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code / entering the scooter number in the app and tap unlock to start your ride

    You can also unlock a scooter just by clicking on the station and selecting the scooter you like.

  • You have to be at least 18 years or older to ride our electric scooters.

    Our vehicles can go up to 25 km/h (depending on the location, the speed can be limited) and we need you to be fully aware of the risk you’re willing to take.

  • You can ride your KNOT scooters on the bike lanes and on the road. NEVER ride on a sidewalk- it’s dangerous for you and pedestrians, you can also be fined.

    Some cities may have no-go zones that you’re forbidden by law to enter on a scooter. You cannot ride or park in these areas. We outlined these areas in red in our app, please plan out your ride beforehand.

  • A fully charged KNOT scooter (and they are always fully charged when they are parked on a station :)) can ride up to 30 km nonstop.

    You can check the battery level before selecting the scooter (we give you an approximation of remaining kilometers, but of course the weather conditions or your riding style will have some influence).

    Feel free to use your vehicle for as long as you need – up to 24 hours on some networks (for scooters you can pause).

  • For a quick reminder, here are the main DO’s and DON’Ts:

    • Wear a helmet
    • Increase your visibility at night
    • One rider per scooter
    • Keep both legs on a scooter while riding
    • Do not ride on the sidewalk
    • Do not ride if you have less than 18 years old
    • No drunk riding
    • Do not drive with one hand
    • No phone or headphones while riding!

  • We are proud to be the dock-based solution with and organized fixed infrastructure to dock and charge your scooters.

    You end your ride by fixing the scooter at the station.

    In some cases we authorize the use of free-floating features and allow parking outside of the station - in this case you will see a ‘lock’ button on the main screen of the app. Even if parking outside of the station is authorized, you can still park your scooter only in authorized virtual parking areas.

  • Your phone is almost empty and you are worried to fail to park your scooter?

    Well, no worries! Just remember the position of the closest station and park your scooter there when you’re done, you need your phone only to unlock a scooter, but not to end a ride :)

  • Do you know that the free-floating sharing model is as polluting as a ride-hailing?

    Why? Because every day, dozens of vans leave the warehouses around the city to collect scooters or batteries to recharge them overnight. With charging stations, this is not an issue anymore - scooters are charged on stations all the time.

    Also, scooters are always secured at the end of the ride, it means fewer scooters will be destroyed or end up in the water.

    In total, the dock-based model produces up to 78% less CO2 emissions per passenger per km.

  • We do care about clean and safe environment, and we want our scooters to last as long as possible.

    With stations scooters last longer, because only authorized users can unlock it from the station.

    The scooter lifespan is at least 3 times longer compared to the free-floating scooters.

  • We’ve all seen the scooter anarchy on the cities’ streets last years, with scooters blocking the sidewalk and making cities uncomfortable for pedestrians.

    The free-floating scooter can be easily moved or overthrown - on purpose or by accident. That’s why our stations not only charge the scooters but also lock them properly.

  • KNOT was launched in 2016 in Strasbourg with the main goal to build affordable and ecologically sustainable public transport for the last mile problem.

    We started with a regular human-powered kick scooter which we also built from scratch, first stations were installed in Paris in 2017 together with SNCF.

    With a market changing quickly, we concentrated all our effort on docking and charging stations. Now we can provide docking station for any electric scooter model or provider.

    Our next goal are e-bikes! Stay tuned! To learn more, join our newsletter.