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Credit your account on the app. Choose the amount and pay per minute of use. Your credits are reusable on an unlimited number of trips.

Why choose the by minutes offer?

KNOT credits are a convenient means of payment to use your scooter freely, without commitment. KNOT offers several credit options that correspond to the number of minutes allocated. The offer is degressive depending on the amount.

Depending on the network, the price may vary. Thus, the number of minutes corresponding to the remaining credits is recalculated automatically.

What happens if I have no more credits on my account?

If you notice that your account is running out and you intend to take the scooter soon, go to the store of your application to recharge new credits.

When your KNOT credit wallet is empty, but the scooter is still in use, the cheapest rate will apply.


Enjoy your scooters longer! The Pass is active as soon as the order is placed.

Why choose the Pass?

If you want to keep the scooter for several hours, it is usually better to enjoy the Pass. It allows you to rent a scooter several times during the validity period of the Pass.

Tip: If you travel with friends or family, it's possible to take a Pass valid for several scooters at the same time (up to 2 extra scooters).

What happens if the pass expires while I'm using a scooter?

If you return the scooter after expiration of the pass, the duration after expiry of the pass you will be charged at the rate per minute.

If you have questions about pricing you can send a message to support@knot.city or contact us here.